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Audit settings

1.Audit department Organization set up under the Board Room of the internal audit unit:
2.In the survey to assess the internal control system and the integrity of the management system, reasonable and effective
3.Audit office will investigate and assess the effectiveness of company plans and strategies, check each traction record to see if any waste or ineffectiveness situation. The duty of audit office is to assist the Board and management better review the internal control system and to measure effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and provide timely suggestions for improvement management organization to ensure sustained and effective internal control system implemented to make full usage of enterprise resources, improve operational integration of performance and assist management in fulfilling its responsibilities.
Audit Plan

1.According to risk assessment results, audit dept. set up annual audit plan based on “public companies established internal control provisions guidelines”, including the following auditing cycles to assess the company budget, finance, business, operating performance of the internal control system and the effectiveness of the implementation of various departments.
2.Monthly audit of the project should be to engage in derivatives trading, supervision and management of subsidiaries
3.On a quarterly basis to audit the project, funding loans to others, for others the management of endorsement or guarantee
4.Related party transaction management and other major financial business practices of control operations, the operation procedure of the Board of Management, Information Security checks and others compliance with applicable laws are classified as an annual audit plan of the audit project, the annual audit plan by the Board; amendments, they are made
Audit cycle

1.Internal auditor and the audited unit will fully communicate with each other about the audit project and the audit results. For the inspection results, auditor will disclosure the actual status of internal control system and abnormal items, as well as the related working data made in the audit report.
2.Audit report and tracking reports, verification, after the completion of the auditing and project delivery times by the end of each monitoring inspection. Audit director and audit services related to attend the Annual Report.
3.According to the provisions of the Financial Supervisory Commission, internal audit staffs have to pursue continuing education and to participate internal training, including various professional courses such as computer auditing, and legal knowledge and ability to improve audit performace.
Audit Training

1.Company's own purposes of its internal control system in the implementation of the mechanism of self-monitoring company, in a timely manner in response to changes in the environment, in order to achieve reasonable 『operational effectiveness and efficiency』, 『Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and bylaws』and 『Reliability, timeliness, transparency, and regulatory compliance of reporting』 the goal; Check the scope of companies covered by the various internal control system design and implementation
2.Company's own results of its internal control system, divided into an effective system of internal control or significant loss of the internal control ystem. Statement of internal control by the Board; amendments, they are made. Statement of internal control system in accordance with regulations published in Annual Report of APCB.

Media report

1.Audit Office according to the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan Securities and Futures Bureau within the time limit specified, complete the following matters shall be reported online job requirements:
Reporting time    Reporting projects
    Jan.    Qualified internal auditor list
    Feb.    The previous year internal audit plan implementation
    Mar.    Prior year statement of internal control
    May.    Audit findings improve situation from previous year internal audit
    Dec.    internal audit plan for next year
    within 2 days from the date of its occurrence    Appointment and removal of internal auditing manager (the Board agreed)
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