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Professional Qualifications and Independence Analysis of Remuneration Committee Members

Table One:
TitleNameMeets One of the Following Professional Qualification Requirements, Together with at Least Five Years’ Work Experience
An instructor or higher position in a department of commerce, law, finance, accounting, or other academic department related to the business needs of the Company in a public or private junior college, college or universityA judge, public prosecutor, attorney, Certified Public Accountant, or other professional or technical specialist who has passed a national examination and been awarded a certificate in a profession necessary for the business of the CompanyHas work experience in the areas of commerce, law, finance, or accounting, or otherwise necessary for the business of the Company
Independent directorCAI LIYUN--V
Independent directorZHANG HUI--V
Independent directorHONG RUMEI--V

Table Two:
TitleNameIndependence Criteria (Note)Number of Other Public Companies in Which the Individual is Concurrently Serving as an Remuneration Committee MemberRemarks
Independent directorCAI LIYUNVVVVVVVV0-
Independent directorZHANG HUIVVVVVVVV0-
Independent directorHONG RUMEIVVVVVVVV0-

Note:Please tick the corresponding boxes that apply to a member during the two years prior to being elected or during the term(s) of office.
1. Not an employee of the Company or any of its affiliates.
2. Not a director or supervisor of affiliated companies. Not applicable in cases where the person is an independent director of the parent company, or any subsidiary in which the Company holds, directly or indirectly, more than 50% of the voting shares.
3.Not a natural-person shareholder who holds shares, together with those held by the person’s spouse, minor children, or held by the person under others’ names, in an aggregate amount of 1% or more of the total number of outstanding shares of the Company, or ranking in the top 10 in holdings.
4.Not a spouse, relative within the second degree of kinship, or lineal relative within the third degree of kinship, of any of the persons in the preceding three sub-paragraphs.
5.Not a director, supervisor, or employee of a corporate shareholder who directly holds 5% or more of the total number of outstanding shares of the Company, or who holds shares ranking in the top five holdings.
6. Not a director, supervisor, officer, or shareholder holding 5% or more of the shares of a specified company or institution which has a financial or business relationship with the Company.
7.Not a professional individual, who is an owner, partner, director, supervisor, or officer of a sole proprietorship, partnership, company, or institution that provides commercial, legal, financial, accounting services or consultation to the Company or to any affiliate of the Company, or a spouse thereof.
8.Not a person of any conditions defined in Article 30 of the Company Law.


The Committee shall exercise the care of a good administrator to faithfully perform the following duties and present its recommendations to the board of directors for discussion.
1.Periodically reviewing this Charter and making recommendations for amendments.
2.Establishing and periodically reviewing the annual and long-term performance goals for the directors, supervisors,and managerial officers of this Corporation and the policies, systems, standards, and structure for their compensation.
3.Periodically assessing the degree to which performance goals for the directors, supervisors, and managerial officers of this Corporation have been achieved, and setting the types and amounts of their individual compensation.
Attendance of Members at Remuneration Committee Meetings

TitleNameAttendance in Person (B)By ProxyTotal of meetings (A)Attendance Rate (%) [B/A]Remarks
ConvenerCAI LIYUN202100%2019/06/19 election
Committee MemberZHANG HUI202100%2019/06/19 election
Committee MemberHONG RUMEI202100%2019/06/19 election

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