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Organizational and operational regulations
RegulationUpload dateFile
        Articles of Incorporation2017/06/15PDF
        Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings2017/06/15PDF
        Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings2020/04/13PDF
        Procedures for Election of Directors and Supervisors2017/06/15PDF
        Guidelines for Ethical Conduct2015/03/20PDF
        Regulations Loaning of Funds2019/06/19PDF
        Regulations Making of Endorsements/Guarantees2019/06/19PDF
        Regulations the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets2019/06/19PDF
        Engaging in Derivatives Trading2019/06/19PDF
        Remuneration Committee Charter2011/12/16PDF
        Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles2015/03/20PDF
        Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles2015/03/20PDF
        Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information2010/05/07PDF
        Rules of Embezzle2017/08/08PDF
        The Board Performance Evaluation Rules2020/11/06PDF
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