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Education and training purposes

Establishing correctvalue, work attitude and behaviors, employees then will meet business requirements in their present or future work posts .

With human resource being its important assets, APCB advocates ‘people-oriented’ culture and continuously lifts its employees’ professional skills and abilities. Our company believes the ‘learning makes excellence’ philosophy and lays out 360 degree training plans for both company and personal careers in light of both company and individual growth requirements.
New Employee Orientation

Pre-Job training aimed at helping interns establishing the right concepts and attitudes toward work recognizing the role of themselves, understanding common team conduct and corporate values, and thinking about the meaning of teamwork. As a result,, the new hires are capable of obtaining the proper knowledge / attitude toward the team or the whole organization within a short time, in order to successfully possess the characteristics and functions to be the ''new man of APCB. ''.
On Job Training

The training dept. is responsible for internal training, planning and and implementation. For planning the annual internal training program, we have to make sure training needs complied with the organizational and strategic needs in order to facilitate the major training program (such as IE, 6 Sigma, SPC and QCC, etc.). Internal training program could help current staff / new staff / department transferred staff better understand necessary job related skills and departmental operation to ensure the workers performance complied with company needs. Special emphasis on grass-roots cadres of the company culture, held every year cadres training, organizational development to meet the needs of business.
Outside Training

Where the Consultant from the domestic and international business management companies, universities, government agencies, academic institutions or public legal entity organized training courses, known as external training. Education and training units to help provide relevant training information, department heads and staff may, depending on job requirements and application recommendations for external training courses.
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